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Inclement Weather Announcement

Students, families, and community members:

The Southwest Colorado eSchool (SWCeS) does not have formal school buildings. It is a fully online school for supplemental, hybrid, and full-time students. Our curriculum and teachers come from partnerships with Jefferson County Schools and Colorado Digital Learning Solutions. The SWCeS does not have snow days or late starts, as do our regional districts. Students are expected to “attend” class and be present at the minimum requirements on these days.

This being said, the availability of SWCeS staff at our office locations (Centers) in Durango and Dolores may be impacted by a snow day event. Our staff will be available electronically but will generally follow the announcements of those districts for travel safety. That is, if Dolores cancels school due to the quantity of snow on the ground or expected snowfall, SWCeS will not expect its staff or students to meet the SWCeS Center in Dolores. However, working online is still expected.

The one exception to the this inclement weather position is a power outage. The school will be understanding to these challenges and will excuse all absences for students with their teachers. Please notify SWCeS staff after the fact and they will excuse absences.

For questions or comments, please contact Mike Freeburn at mfreeburn@southwestcoloradoeschool.org