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Course Catalogs

View our course lists and course catalogs for the current school year.

For the 2014-15 school year, there are two course lists and catalogs. All new students and those on academic interventions will select courses from our primary course catalog. Students who have demonstrated success in our online environment are allowed to select courses from our secondary catalog. Courses in this second catalog are offered through a different learning management system (LMS), and thus require students with proven initiative, motivation, and responsibility to work in multiple systems.

 High School Courses – Updated for 2014-15

  • Course List 2014-15 (PDF)- A listing of both our primary course list from our JeffCo provider as well as special permission courses offered by COL.
  • Course Catalog – A fully searchable online catalog of the above courses including descriptions, pre-requisites, and fees.
  • Special Permission Course Catalog– A full catalog of the special permission courses  including descriptions, pre-requisites, and fees.

Middle School Courses