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HS Special Permission Courses

The Southwest Colorado eSchool strives to offer as many courses as possible that expand student learning opportunities across the Southwest Colorado region. We use several curricular partners to help make this possible. Our primary system is supported by Jefferson County’s 21st Century Virtual Academy and is managed in our Schoology learning management system (LMS). We supplement this program with a secondary program run by Colorado Online Learning, as many schools do. These courses are offered in a separate LMS called Desire2Learn.

The primary focus of the SWCeS is student success; therefore, new students to our school will be limited to our primary course offerings in Schoology. Students may then earn the right to take courses in our secondary or special permission list from COL by having at least one term of passing grades at a C level or better. The Director reserves the right to consider special cases or to deny course requests in this system.

Supplemental students are those that attend a regional high school and use the SWCeS for a one to two courses per term to expand courses offerings or solve a scheduling issue. These students may have access to courses from either system, but their semester course load must remain in a single LMS. That is, a student cannot take a course in Schoology while simultaneously taking a course in COL. Again, this is to ensure clear communication, course expectations, and student success.

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