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CU Succeed Courses

CU Succeed from the University of Colorado

CU-Succeed courses are courses that the instructors have submitted their credentials and syllabus of their course to the University of Colorado system for approval for students to earn college credit from the CU system. Depending on the course, their college credit may come from CU-Boulder, CU-Denver, and possibly CU-Colorado Springs. The credit is recognized by any CU school, as well as most other colleges/universities in Colorado will recognize it as college credit as well. They also get credit for the course on their high school transcript. Often times, CU-Succeed courses are also AP courses, but not always, as is the case with us.

Our CU-Succeed courses are:

  • AP Calc AB
  • AP Calc BC
  • Calc II
  • Multivariate Calculus Honors
  • Differential Equations Honors
  • AP Physics B
  • AP Physics C
  • AP Environmental Science

Students interested in participating in the CU-Succeed program and earning college credit for the course must fill out paperwork and pay a reduced tuition fee (approx. $75-90 per credit hour). The courses can range from being a 3 credit course to a 5 credit course.  The paperwork is due a few weeks into the semester and the teacher is the one that provides the students with the necessary paperwork and deadlines.

Any SWCeS student in our CU-Succeed courses are eligible to participate in the program should they choose to.

VISIT THE CU-Succeed WEBSITE: http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/continuing-education/CUSucceed/Pages/default.aspx

For questions, please contact Kelly Powell at kpowell@southwestcoloradoeschool.org  or 970-403-0946.