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Almost October (already?)


Now Accepting Applications for Fall Semester 2016

With the end of September upon us and October on the horizon and fall colors bursting everywhere, there is no doubt that autumn is here. We are in the 6th week of this semester already and eSchool classes are steaming ahead at full throttle! We know how challenging our courses can be and we continue to encourage students to keep working consistently, day in, and day out. We know well that keeping up with the eSchool course workload is a HUGE aspect of success in this program.

October Count

With the arrival of October comes October Count day, which falls on Wednesday, October 5th this year. This is the one-day of the entire school year that the State of Colorado determines funding for schools, based on student attendance that day. This is a vitally important day for all publically funded schools in Colorado and the SWC eSchool is no exception.  This is the day we need all SWC eSchool students to log on to every course and complete the special October Count day tasks provided by their teachers. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized. We need every eSchool student to complete this next Wednesday, October 5th – our future depends on it, so thank you all in advance for making this a priority.