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Autumn 2017

Hello, SWC eSchool community. Happy Autumn to you on this fall equinox (officially, Sept. 22nd at 2:02 PM). As with all prior years, summer 2017 has charged past and will soon be another distant memory of a summer gone by. With the cool mornings of early autumn upon us, I am reminded of the joy and optimism a new school year brings. We have certainly experienced this with the start of the 2017-18 SWC eSchool year, the 7th year for SWCeS. I am very pleased to report that our enrollment surpassed our stretch goal, making this the most successful beginning yet for the eSchool. We are excited for the coming year, indeed.

We have adjusted to our new eSchool Learning Center location on Stewart Street in Bodo Park and we like it very much! We have about a dozen student workstations where double-screening is now available at each station. We find it very helpful in certain situations to use two screens that extend the screen of one computer. This can enhance learning and improve efficiency and our students tell us they like it. It’s just one example of how we continue to add technology options to support student learning at SWCeS.

For the 2017-18 school year, we have added a new staff member, Kelly Ratliff, English and Social Studies Specialist, who monitors student progress in ELA and SS as well as tutors SWCeS students in these areas. Kelly joins our Mathematics Specialist/tutor Shaun Burke, who continues with us this year. We now have all four Core areas covered with tutors, as I tutor in Science as well. Kelly Powell aditionally tutors Spanish for the eSchool, as well as serving as our School Counselor/teacher/advisor. Cindy Houston also continues to coordinate the Dolores Learning Center and handle all registrar responsibilities for the SWC eSchool. We are up to a team of 5!

We are off to a great start and have many students hard at work doing very well in their online courses. We see many students taking advantage of the fact that the eSchool allows students and families to structure school around their lives as opposed to structuring their lives around school schedules.

As always, thank you all very much for entrusting us with the education of your children and always feel free to contact me at the SWC eSchool.

With kind regards,

Mike Freeburn