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AP Computer Science

In AP Computer Science A, students learn the advanced Java programming skills needed in preparation for the AP Computer Science exam. Because the designated outcomes for the AP Computer Science exam change yearly, consult the AP web site for more information. Please note: The credit earned for this course will default to Fine/Practical Arts credit but can be changed to math credit if it more »

Computer Programming 101

This course introduces students to foundational programming concepts through the use of increasingly complex games and programs beginning with simple number guessing games and ending in the creation of student’s own “Atari-style” video games. Concepts include variables, decision structures, iterative structures, procedures, graphics, collision detection and object oriented programming concepts. The course is taught using an industry standard fourth generation programming language more »

Video Game Design

Credit Students learn how to design, write, and test software using object-oriented software development environments. Students are introduced to the concept of humane game design and explore how computer programs and games can be used to communicate values, ideas, and thoughts. Students explore the idea of game and how this transfers to computers. Students learn how to convert their ideas into visual, more »

Web Page Design II

Students will continue building knowledge of HTML programming language and move to use of WYSIWYG programs. Java Script will be introduced to create mouse over and pop-up windows. Programming and usage forms and cascading style sheets will be introduced. Evaluation of web sites, ethical usage and copyright information will be discussed. Commercial graphic design software will be introduced to create graphics and more »

IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software

The IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software course provides students with in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Course topics include the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Students learn to assemble and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems. In addition, this more »

Web Page Design I

Web Page Design courses teach students how to design web sites by introducing them to and refining their knowledge of site planning, page layout, graphic design, and the use of markup languages—such as Extensible Hypertext Markup, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, and Document Object Model—to develop and maintain a web page. These courses may also cover security and privacy issues, copyright infringement, trademarks, and more »