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AP Computer Science

In AP Computer Science A, students learn the advanced Java programming skills needed in preparation for the AP Computer Science exam. Because the designated outcomes for the AP Computer Science exam change yearly, consult the AP web site for more information. Please note: The credit earned for this course will default to Fine/Practical Arts credit but can be changed to math credit if it more »

Computer Programming 101

This course introduces students to foundational programming concepts through the use of increasingly complex games and programs beginning with simple number guessing games and ending in the creation of student’s own “Atari-style” video games. Concepts include variables, decision structures, iterative structures, procedures, graphics, collision detection and object oriented programming concepts. The course is taught using an industry standard fourth generation programming language more »

Video Game Design

Credit Students learn how to design, write, and test software using object-oriented software development environments. Students are introduced to the concept of humane game design and explore how computer programs and games can be used to communicate values, ideas, and thoughts. Students explore the idea of game and how this transfers to computers. Students learn how to convert their ideas into visual, more »

Career Explorations

Career Exploration courses help students identify and evaluate personal goals, priorities, aptitudes, and interests with the goal of helping them make informed decisions about their careers. The courses expose students to various sources of information on career and training options and may also assist them in developing job search and employability skills.

Introduction to Food and Nutrition

In this course, students will begin the study of nutrition by analyzing their own diets and eating patterns through the use of their family’s cupboards, meals, grocery stores and favorite restaurants. Students will explore their dietary needs using USADA’s recommendations. Topics discussed will be: the growing obesity epidemic in America and health risks associated with it, claims of popular fad diets, and more »


The Songwriting course prepares students to express themselves through creating music and is an introduction to basic songwriting. This course will use conventional and nonconventional notation and will include lyric and melody writing. Students will use online music software for creating their own songs. Professionally written songs and students’ songs will be analyzed in class. Modifications will be provided for students regardless of more »

Web Page Design II

Students will continue building knowledge of HTML programming language and move to use of WYSIWYG programs. Java Script will be introduced to create mouse over and pop-up windows. Programming and usage forms and cascading style sheets will be introduced. Evaluation of web sites, ethical usage and copyright information will be discussed. Commercial graphic design software will be introduced to create graphics and more »

Life Management

Students in Life Management will demonstrate problem solving, communication skills, computation/estimation, career choice, paycheck management and decision making skills for living on their own. Students will apply knowledge to real world situations like managing resources and finances, paying bills, using credit, applying for loans, selecting apartments and cars, and balancing checkbooks to meet their short and long term goals. Becoming an effective more »

Child Development / Parenting

The Child Development/Parenting course provides students with knowledge about the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth and development of children from conception to adolescence. Course content typically includes topics such as prenatal and birth processes; responsibilities and difficulties of parenthood; fundamentals of children’s emotional and physical development; and the appropriate care of infants, toddlers, young children and school-aged children. Students interested in more »

Digital Photography

In this class, students will explore the basics of digital photography and computer image manipulation. Camera mechanics, concepts of photography, composition, and the craftsmanship will be taught. Students will use the techniques learned in this class to create fine-art photography. The course will also include an integration of art history and art appreciation as it relates to the subject. Students must have more »