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Computer Programming 101

This course introduces students to foundational programming concepts through the use of increasingly complex games and programs beginning with simple number guessing games and ending in the creation of student’s own “Atari-style” video games. Concepts include variables, decision structures, iterative structures, procedures, graphics, collision detection and object oriented programming concepts. The course is taught using an industry standard fourth generation programming language but teaches the conceptual skills necessary for students to progress to other languages. 

Notes: This course will be taught in a modified blended model. The instructor will visit area high schools several times each term, some some face-to-face contact time with the instructor is required to get the full benefit of the instruction and collaboration. Regional high school students will meet as a cohort at their school. Southwest Colorado eSchool full-time students in the course will meet with the instructor when they are at their respective town’s school.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion or concurrently enrolled in Algebra I

Credits: 0.5 or 1.0