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Introduction to Food and Nutrition

In this course, students will begin the study of nutrition by analyzing their own diets and eating patterns through the use of their family’s cupboards, meals, grocery stores and favorite restaurants. Students will explore their dietary needs using USADA’s recommendations. Topics discussed will be: the growing obesity epidemic in America and health risks associated with it, claims of popular fad diets, and eating disorders. Students will examine the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet and what it means to eat local, naturally produced foods. They will gain a basic understanding of the function of our digestive system and how and why it is important to one’s overall health. Finally, students will have the skills to decipher information provided and required on food labels and the knowledge of how to choose and safely prepare healthy meals while grocery shopping, eating out and cooking in their own homes.

NOTE: This course can be cross credited as either (but not both) Fine/Practical Arts or Health. It does not meet the physical education graduation requirement.
Credits: 0.5