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Getting Started with SWCeS

Welcome to the Southwest Colorado eSchool. The following videos will help you get started with email and Schoology access.

Full-time and Part-time Students

This video, presented by former eSchool Director Tod Lokey, is for students who take most of their courses online and have SWCeS email accounts.

Please feel free to go full screen or watch this video on YouTube so it is larger.

Supplemental Students

The Southwest Colorado eSchool welcomes all Supplement students, those fully registered with their school of residence and taking 1-2 courses through our online program. Some primary differences between full-time and supplemental students include:

  • Supplemental students will use their own district email account, unless otherwise requested
  • Tracking and intervention will include your district counselor

The following Lokey video is designed to help supplemental students get into Schoology and start the Intro to Online Learning Course.