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Spring Break for SWCeS students is the week of March 27 – 31

Semester two is always a whirlwind! Into our 7th week of this semester means that classes are in full stride while the light of spring break is beginning to flicker out in the distance! To remind you, SWCeS students have full access to classes, can work on missing assignments and generally catch up if behind. If up-to-date in classes, there is no need to log on or work on any classes during spring break. No new work is assigned and “attendance” log-on is not required. Teachers and SWCeS staff are also on spring break and cannot be expected to be available, as many are away enjoying the break. Spring break is, however, an excellent opportunity to catch up on any missing assignments and we strongly encourage using this time for that purpose if needed!

As Always, we are very pleased to be serving students in Southwest Colorado with high quality, high-rigor courses. We are here to assist you with all matters eSchool, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Best regards,

Mike, Kelly, Cindy and Shaun