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Testing Information


Freshmen will take the PSAT-9 State assessment, along with Sophomores (PSAT-10) and Juniors (SAT) in April each year.  The State of Colorado will provide this assessment free of charge and scores on the SAT may be used for college admissions. These tests are scheduled for the Durango Student Center. The SAT is required by state and federal law for all students in Colorado and can be used for college entrance. The PSAT-9, PSAT-10, and CMAS/PARCC test are required by state law. These assessments are used, in part, to determine a performance score for the SWCeS and are important for maintaining our Colorado accreditation rating. Scores are also helpful to us for academic planning and college admissions.


11th Grade Students: Tuesday, April 9th at 8 AM.


9th-grade students: Wednesday, April 10th at 8 AM.


10th-grade students: Thursday, April 11th at 8 AM.

CMAS Science and PARCC testing

Scheduled at both the Durango and Dolores Student Centers

CMAS Science

8th grade: Monday, April 15th at 8 AM
11th grade: Tuesday, April 16th at 8 AM

PARCC English

6th grade: Wednesday, April 17th at 8 AM
7th grade: Thursday, April 18th at 8 AM
8th grade: Friday, April 19th at 8 AM


6th grade: Monday, April 22nd at 8 AM
7th grade: Tuesday, April 23rd at 8 AM
8th grade: Wednesday, April 24th at 8 AM

Parents may excuse their child from state testing without penalty. Although the SWCeS encourages that all students complete state assessments, we understand that circumstances may arise making participation in state exams difficult. Please see the requirements to excuse a student from one or more state assessments HERE

Additional PSAT and SAT National Testing Date Information Available at: https://www.collegeboard.org/

ACT National Testing Dates and Information:  www.ACT.org

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Powell, kpowell@southwestcoloradoeschool.org

NOTE: You are required to have photo ID. To get a Colorado State ID card, please see visit the Department of Motor Vehicles Webpage.