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The 2016-17 School Year has Launched!

It’s amazing to think how fast time flies by! With the summer of 2016 drawing to a close and the fresh air of fall creeping in, we are super excited about the 2016-17 school year! Our enrollment numbers are strong and we have many students taking advantage of supplemental courses as well. We are looking forward to a successful, productive year with our students!

I have a few important items to communicate out to everyone at this time:

First, we will conduct our annual eSchool Parent Nights soon. For East side students (Bayfield, Durango, Ignacio, Pagosa Springs and Silverton), parent orientation will be Thursday, September 8th at our new location in the West Building, 835 E. 2nd Avenue next to Steamworks in Durango (Suite 240, 2nd floor) form 5 to 7 PM. For our West side students (Dolores, Dove Creek, Cortez, and Mancos), parent orientation will be Tuesday, September 13th from 5 to 7 PM at the Dolores eSchool Learning Center; 100 N 6th Street.  At parent orientation night, SWC eSchool staff will assist with a Schoology parent account enabling parents to monitor their student’s progress. Please feel free to drop in.

Second, we will be emphasizing the importance of required daily attendance of eSchool classes. The requirement of “attending” means that students log in to Schoology and work on each class for about 65 minutes for each class, Monday through Friday. Grades are also very important and we expect all of our students to achieve C grades and above. We like A and B grades best and encourage students to strive for this level of achievement.

Finally for this post, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest eSchool staff member, Mr. Shaun Burke!!  Mr. Burke will work with the eSchool as a mathematics specialist this year, connecting with students and their online teachers with the specific task of improving student achievement and performance in mathematics. Shaun is an experienced math teacher, highly tech savvy and will be connecting with SWC eSchool students both remotely and in person for tutoring and support in all math classes. We are very pleased to welcome Shaun to the eSchool team!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!